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Foodie, Millennial, Adult? 

Stunning view of the NY skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge

Hello and welcome to the world of The Ginger Foodie. You can call me Nina. I’m a New Yorker who spent the past five years living in a DC world but have made my way back to the Big Apple. I’m just your everyday soulless (the joke is standard) ginger with a love for food.

Being a twenty-something young professional, I’ve embraced a brunch lifestyle with arms wide open, but as much as I love eating out, I find a great joy in cooking. Cooking and food is the most beautiful art form (especially since it tastes so good). Whether I’m cooking for myself, or cooking for my friends, food brings people together and is an outlet of self-expression.

I learned to cook from my mom, though I have become more of a baker than she is. She hates how precise it is, but I love it. Cooking is the coolest science I know, and I was a political science major (not a real science, but still).

I first started cooking without my mom’s help in high school. When I went to Rutgers University for my undergraduate degree, I wasn’t really able to cook much since I lived in a dorm until senior year. But senior year, I went ham on cooking since I had a lovely apartment with lovely roommates with a lovely kitchen (okay, the kitchen wasn’t super lovely since it was an electric stove-top and I’ve been spoiled with gas stoves my entire life).

An internship brought me down to DC in 2014, and I’ve been here ever since. Despite the political focus of being the nation’s capital (I was super disappointed to learn that Freddy’s from House of Cards is not a real restaurant), DC has so much to offer and I aim to soak it up. Or should I say, eat it up ;). I wanted to move back home to New York to enjoy the foodie capital of the world, and in January 2020 I found myself back home in the city that raised me.  

When I’m not cooking and eating, I’m attempting to be an adult, playing video games, and re-watching Star Wars for like…the billionth time. I’m an ESTJ that loves to try new things, explore the road not taken, and enjoy good company.

I hope you enjoy your time here on my blog! If you have any questions, recipe requests, or want to collaborate, feel free to contact me!


The Ginger Foodie

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